Lack of basic skills.

When grabbed all there is, is a basic push away and the key press to use does NOT come up immediately. There is a delay of about 1 or 2 seconds. That may not sound like much but it will make all the difference if there are more than 1 zed there. But for me the one skill I keep screaming out for is just a simple punch. Nothing exotic just a plain and simple pinch. I am starting to get fed up of this ommision of such a basic skill as I would at least use a punch if I was in a ZA and I was grabbed. It does amaze me that this was not included within the basic skills. I am not asking for the skills when grabbed when I am playing Dying Light. That omission is the reason I get VERY frustrated and angry with SoD2, and it is just the lack of that skill that I throw my controllers at the wall breaking them as I do not want to damage my computer.

It is at times like this that I wish I was back on Linux so that I am not tempted to go back to this game. I have read somewhere, I am trying to find the link, someone said that if SoD2 came to steam early on in it's life it would not have had good reviews. I will post the link when I find.

Yes I know that you are picky as to what you reply to but when I posted the website with those suggestions and issues, not a peep not even an acknowledgement, which in my opinion was bad manners, after I put the work in. I am not really expecting a response to this, if I do I do and if I don't I don't.

You know by now that I do speak my mind, yes I have offended a few people but then they realised that I was straight to point and that left them in doubt what my meaning was. I use the same about this game and, yes, it is my opinion.


Vehicle turning circle, or lack of. Plain and simple, enough said.


Zeds appearing before my eyes where there were none. I have seen this happen many times. On top of the barricaded strip mall, as you know has a good 360 view. I head shot a zed and while my view was on the still zed with no head, three appeared, yes, they just appeared in fron of my eyes.
Searching a building, I check to make sure that there are no zeds around even cheicking the corners of the rooms. No sign of zeds on my mini-map, go back in a room and seds come in the room I am in. I get rid of them and there is another one with part of it's leg missing. They appeared in what was a clear location. This happens a fair amount as well.

Zeds jumping on the side of a vehicle with their palms on the glass. How do they hang on as we both know that glass is not good for hanging on to, nothing to grip on.

Opposite of re-spawing, I have hit a zed on the floor and it just vanished. Look at zeds on top of the barricaded strip mall, lined up for a head shot, which is good fun, and it had vanished.


In the menu area sometimes it takes a while for the controller to work on the menu system even though that part is up and ready.

When I have selected the three members and select pick these three nutters and it comes up yes or no, the controller does not work I have to use the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Sometimes when I quit the game it does not quit cleanly, it stays on the last screen you see before it quits to desktop and I have to use taskmanger.